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General Information

Many people have asked what we need, or what they can do to help. We really appreciate all of the offers and kind words and thoughts. During Meagan's illness, volunteers provided meals for our family four days a week. At a time when we have a lot of appointments to keep and our hands full, having dinner provided was a huge help.

Financially, health insurance covered essentially all of Meagan's traditional medical treatments. We're very grateful for that--a five day dose of Meagan's chemotherapy cost over $3,000, essentially all of which is covered. Alternative treatments were paid for out of pocket and through donations kindly made by family and friends. That was a blessing.

A family friend, Liz Kennedy, coordinated volunteer efforts. She can be reached through this site by clicking here or by e-mailing her directly. The address for this purpose is coordinator@meaganscorner.org. Liz has been an amazing source of support for us; we can't thank her enough.

If you would like to send e-mail directly to the Margerum-Leys family, the address is family@meaganscorner.org . We love to hear from people, but we're getting a lot of e-mail right now. We'll return your message when we can.


Eileen Sterns McCornack has put together a CD of harp and piano music recorded on Meagan's 14th birthday. It's stunning; a real testament to her musicianship. The title track, Moonsilver (copyright 2003 Eileen McCornack), can be heard here on the Web site. Click on the title to hear the song (warning: it's a 2 MB download which will take a while if you're using a phone line). If you'd like a copy of the CD, e-mail Eileen for pricing and availability.



So many people have helped us it's hard to know where to start being grateful. Liz Kennedy and Julie Dybdahl have been, respectively, our coordinator and spokesperson and have given immeasurably of themselves. It's difficult to imagine getting through this without them. The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Ann Arbor along with Eastern Michigan University's department of teacher education provided volunteer support to make sure we had meals and that our household kept running. Over one hundred people stepped forward to volunteer to help. Financially, there have been donations by friends and family which have helped us to cover the costs of alternative treatments and of traveling for consultations. Brian Filipiak has been a big help in getting and keeping meaganscorner.org running. At every step of the way there have people ready to help us; it has reaffirmed our faith in our community. We are so grateful for all of the help we've received.

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